Photo 14 July 2016


In 2013, International Conference on Laboratory Safety in Science & Education was held in Incheon National University in Korea with the theme of “Promoting Laboratory Safety, Moving into the Future”. During the international conference, the representatives from KALSE (Korea Association of Laboratory Safety & Environment) and JALS (Japan Association of Lab Safety) came up to an agreement to setup an annual conference on laboratory safety in Asian region, which was Asian Conference on Safety and Education in Laboratory, or abbreviated as ACSEL. The first ACSEL was held in The University of Tokyo, Japan in 2014 ( With a total number of 105 participants from various sectors including academia, industries, business sectors and policy makers, the conference successfully delivered a wide range of topics related to laboratory safety. The second ACSEL was organized by Universitas Indonesia and more than 200 participants have shared their interests and knowledges on laboratory safety management ( This year, we are pleased to announce that KALSE is organizing the third ACSEL on 14-15 July 2016 in Jeju Island, South Korea.

The meeting will bring the best possible scientists and practitioners together in the field of laboratory safety management and safety culture. New management approaches and insights will be presented, as well as their practical and regulatory applications.

The symposium will consist of platform and poster presentations from selected abstracts as well as opening lectures from world-renowned invited speakers.

Plenary discussions will be led by an expert panel including invited speakers and session chairs.

In addition, poster sessions, exhibition, coffee and lunch breaks together with social activities in the beautiful location of Jeju Island will offer many opportunities for networking and discussions.